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Alabama Cardiovascular Group

Alabama Cardiovascular Group is dedicated to the practice of up-to-date clinical, preventative, diagnostic and interventional cardiology. We are a relatively small cardiology group with our main office located at Grandview Medical Center. We pride ourselves in attention to the individual patient with one-on-one relationships between the cardiologist and the patient. Each of our offices is adjacent to their respective hospital for prompt access to hospital patients from our office. In addition, at Grandview Medical Center, we have inpatient nurse practitioners assisting with minute-to-minute care.

Each of our offices is staffed with cardiovascular nurses who specialize in outpatient cardiology and help facilitate prompt response to outpatient care. Each office is equipped with diagnostic testing consisting of electrocardiograms, echocardiograms and nuclear stress imaging. In addition, we provide in office pacemaker and defibrillator visits.