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Education is a never ending process which only benefits those who pursue it. In reference to medical illnesses, there is often new information or time honored old information that has been ignored. We have provided two links which give excellent information in reference to many cardiology illnesses and treatments. We recommend you use them. They are both excellent though we find the CardioSmart webpage most enlightening.

Exercise remains the key to good health. "Exercise is the fountain of youth." A twenty minute walk daily is a goal we should all pursue. If one compares the effects of exercise and aging, they are virtually opposite with arrows pointing in different directions. These include effects on vascular health, strokes, heart attacks, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, bone health, immune system and longevity.

Diet remains important. Perhaps more important than what one eats is how much one eats. However, in short you "become what you eat." Avoidance of red meat and high cholesterol food is a basic goal. Fresh vegetables, fruit and fish remain a healthy pursuit.

Smoking is the villain for all cardiovascular disease. There is nothing healthy about tobacco. Smoking tobacco is the worst form of consumption, essentially blowing a fan on the chronic smoldering fire of coronary artery disease.

Cardiology Update

The goal of the Cardiology Update is to provide cardiologists, and other medical professionals, information regarding some of the most important scientific and clinical developments in the field of cardiovascular medicine.